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A Day at Our Local Shelter

Hi there, fellow animal lovers.🐶🐱

If you’ve ever seen our About Us page, you’ve noticed our furry branch manager Charlie. Well, inspired by his love, we, the Axxon team, rolled up our sleeves for a day at Curaçao’s Animal Protection Foundation. It was not just any day, it was a day filled with joy, laughter, education, and lessons of unconditional love and resilience. 

This experience made us reflect on the core values of our company. It deepened our commitment to providing solutions that not only enhance efficiency but foster a spirit of care and responsibility. These values resonate with the dedication we witnessed at the animal shelter. Their mission is to pursue the welfare of animals and one of their goals is to educate citizens on animal rights and how to care for them. 

In this blog, we want to bring awareness to the Official Animal Welfare Rules established on August 12, 2022, for the citizens of Curaçao. Mainly we want to highlight the prohibition of permanent chaining of dogs. 

This document is a game-changer for our furry friends, ensuring they live in conditions that allow them freedom and safety. Remember, a chained life is no life for a dog. 

Click here to download the official document of the Animal Welfare Rules.

Special thanks to the amazing team of The Animal Protection Foundation, especially Maria and Sherome aka Mosa who guided, educated, and inspired us. 

If you read the document, Chapter 2, article 6 “Housing of Dogs”, details the requirements for the housing and living conditions of dogs. Here is a quick breakdown:

Dogs Need Shelter

  • A dog must be provided with a shelter that protects it from the sun, rain, and wind. 
  • The shelter must be dry, clean, and ventilated, and must provide enough space for the dog to stand, lie down, and turn around comfortably. 
  • The shelter should not be placed in a location where the dog is exposed to excessive heat or cold. 

Space Requirements: 

  • If the dog is kept in an enclosed area, this area must be large enough to allow the dog to move freely and exercise. 
  • The area must be kept clean and free from objects that could injure the dog. 

Prohibition of Permanent Chaining: 

  • It is prohibited to keep a dog permanently on a chain. 
  • If a dog is temporarily chained, the chain must be such that the dog cannot injure itself, get entangled, or be hindered from lying down, standing up, or moving around. 
  • The length of the chain must be at least twice the length of the dog (measured from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail), and the dog must have access to water. 
This is prohibited ⛔️

Have Questions or Want to Get Involved?

Reach out to The Animal Protention Foundation for any questions on animal welfare. Remember, volunteering there is not just helpful but incredibly rewarding.

They are always open for companies and or individuals who want to help in the shelter with all kinds of activities. You can also specifically register as a volunteer for the animal ambulance. Every small act counts!

Click here to visit their website.

What About You?

What initiatives is your team taking this holiday season to make a positive impact?

Let’s share ideas and spread the love for our animal friends.