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Fleet Management for the Healthcare Industry

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Axxon is the single solution for all your fleet management needs, so you can streamline your business.

Easy to use

Anyone with a mobile or desktop device can access the clean, intuitive interface.

Quick setup

Our service team will get you up and running sooner, drive adoption faster, and maximize ROI earlier.

Dedicated support

Ultra-responsive customer support. Available in multiple languages.

proof of care made easy

Axxon automatically reports on the hour's staff spend at care homes and on the road between visits. Know and dispatch the carer that will be the faster to arrive.

reduce fleet expenses

Our vehicle tracking technology and two-way communication system let you locate the care worker in the shortest time to arrive, then instantly send them a patient's address.

detect temperature changes

Our refrigerator monitoring solution provides trustworthy data analysis and alerts systems, so say goodbye to human error and system failure.
I am very happy with the result I am getting form the solution and would highly recommend it to any organization serious about becoming more efficient."

Mikeson Job

Transport Coordinator
Wit Gele Kruis

Medical Laboratory Services Prevents Catastrophic Loss of Inventory

Medical Laboratory

MLS gives service to general practitioners, specialists, several clinics, and hospitals.

The Challenge

Laboratory inventory needs to be maintained in high-quality condition at all times.

The Solution

Installed 43 wireless temperature sensors in their critical temperature-controlled storage.

The Outcome

A more reliable and precise temperature monitoring process. Safeguard critical temperature-controlled storage.
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