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Increase visibility, improve safety, and streamline compliance.
Axxon Connected AI Dashcams

Gain Complete Visibility

Detect critical events: accidents, distracted driving, misuse and hazardous situations.
The dual HD lenses give 360° real-time visibility and are connected to the cloud. This ensures operators have full control over their fleets.

Automatically Detect Distracted Driving

Our AI-powered dashcams instantly flag distracted driving incidents, addressing one of the leading causes of preventable accidents.

Axxon Connected AI Dashcam DashboardAxxon Dashcam Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Identify and Coach At-Risk Drivers

In-cab voice coaching and driver safety scores make it easy to provide personalized feedback and coaching.

Expedite Insurance Payouts

Defend innocent drivers and accelerate the insurance claims process with high definition video evidence.

Solution Highlights

Dual HD cameras ensure continuous road-facing and in-cabin recording.  A dedicated cloud portal provides a video telematics workflow that is easy and intuitive. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Vision (MV) technologies collect and process video footage into actionable data.

Advanced AI and MV Technology
Dedicated online platform
Easy and intuitive interface
Actionable dashboards
Video Evidence in an Instant
AI triggered events
Smart video reviewing
Support team


Our video telematics solution is much more than just dashboard cameras (dashcams) for your vehicles. It gives you insight into what drivers are doing while driving, without you having to go through hours of footage.

Dual HD Camera System

High resolution footage with in-cabin night vision.

Video Evidence in an Instant

Dual-facing lenses offer accurate footage to get the full picture of an event, whether in motion or parked.

Driver Monitoring System - DMS

Detect distracted driving behavior: cell phone use, smoking, eating & drinking, unfastened seat belt, and general distracted driving.

Smart Notifications

Get notified immediately when critical incidents occur. Direct playback from your dashboard.

AI + MV Triggered Events

Cutting edge proprietary technologies detect, identify, and register critical incidents.

Cloud Based

Critical incidents are uploaded to your secure and private cloud for direct review.

Filter Incidents

No need to go thru hours of video footage! Incidents are ready for viewing in your dashboard. See and click on a map for easy reviewing.

Create Better Drivers

Elevate your workforces' skills with video-based coaching. Mitigate risks and proactively prevent incidents.

Compliance & Brand Value

Prevent negative branding due to incidents and accidents with branded vehicles.
Comply with safety rules and regulations.

Dashcams empower fleet managers across all industries

With a variety of devices and broad range of features, our solution provides an ROI for fleet customers across many verticals.
Oil & gas
Logistics & Transport
Field Services
Passenger transport
Waste Management
School bus services
  • Great service from Axxon Tracking and I am highly satisfied with the results I am getting. I can contact them easily, and they work on a solution right away with always new ideas and updates.
    Mariño Hooi
    Security Operations Manager
    Blue Bay Security
  • I am very happy with the results I am getting from the solution and would highly recommend it to any organization serious about becoming more efficient.
    Mikeson Job
    Transport Coordinator
    Stichting Wit Gele Kruis
  • When planning an extra delivery I needed to contact the drivers to find out their location. Now I just look at the dashboard and contact the driver closest to the client immediately, saving time and making my job easier.
    Tyrone Sporkslede
    Distribution Manager
    Lovers Global

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