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Industrial IoT solutions bring the benefits of sensor data to traditional industries like transportation, healthcare, hospitality, food distribution, energy, government, and more.

Sensor hardware and massive amounts of data are mere tools. Translating the sensor output to valuable metrics, actionable reports and profitable insights are where we come in. We help our customers fulfill their "Jobs-To-Be-Done", overcome their challenges, and reach their goals.

Reduce Fuel Costs

The cost of fuel continues to rise. Vehicles that are not monitored can lead to inefficient fuel consumption, which increases operating expenses. Poor driving habits increase fuel use and lead to early equipment breakdown. We address this issue in real-time; it also enables fleet managers to improve routing and reduce idle times.

Eliminate Theft and Waste

Waste and theft are major concerns to fleet managers. Axxon helps fleet managers know exactly where their property is at all times. Geographic settings notify users when drivers are not following their routes, which assist fleet managers in monitoring their fleets. This technology protects and tracks your assets, saving time and money, and improving overall efficiency.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Effectively reduce maintenance costs by reviewing data stored by the fleet tracking system. Companies can pinpoint wasteful processes and extend periods between maintenance by increasing route efficiency, and decreasing wear and tear on fleet vehicles.

Scales from small fleets to large enterprises

Axxon combines ease of use with enterprise-grade security, scalability, and flexibility, delivering results to customers of all sizes.
Plug & play hardware
Intuitive, modern design
Cloud-hosted, no software to install and maintain
Complete setup in under an hour
Phone support
Enterprise security including Single Sign-On (SSO)
Custom hierarchies and role-based administration
Scales to 10,000s of vehicles
Open developer APIs

Fleet Management Tools Trusted Across All Industries

With a variety of devices and broad range of features, our solution provides an ROI for fleet customers across many verticals.
Field Services & Maintenance
Health Care
Waste Management
  • Great service from Axxon Tracking and I am highly satisfied with the results I am getting. I can contact them easily, and they work on a solution right away with always new ideas and updates.
    Mariño Hooi
    Security Operations Manager
    Blue Bay Security
  • I am very happy with the results I am getting from the solution and would highly recommend it to any organization serious about becoming more efficient.
    Mikeson Job
    Transport Coordinator
    Stichting Wit Gele Kruis
  • When planning an extra delivery I needed to contact the drivers to find out their location. Now I just look at the dashboard and contact the driver closest to the client immediately, saving time and making my job easier.
    Tyrone Sporkslede
    Distribution Manager
    Lovers Global
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