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Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

We offer industry-standard real-time wireless temperature monitoring solutions, with reporting, and alarm management.
What's included in our monitoring solutions:
Simple installation and expansion
Cloud based for globally accessible data
Alarms for intelligent warning notifications
Scheduled Reports
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Prevent Loss With Real-Time Alerts

Monitor the temperature of perishables in real time, receiving over-the-air alerts by email when temperatures rise above desired levels. Discover chiller failures and human error before goods are lost or contaminated.

Eliminate Manual Temperature Logging

Axxon’s system seamlessly and automatically records temperature to the cloud, producing a centralized log of historical temperature data that simplifies compliance and analysis.

Gain Complete Cold-Chain Visibility

Our wireless sensors monitor temperatures in production facilities, refrigerators and freezers, warehouses, and refrigerated vehicles, ensuring safety and reducing loss throughout the cold chain.

Medical Laboratory Services prevents catastrophic loss

MLS uses Axxon’s Remote Temperature Monitoring solution to prevent catastrophic loss of inventory during a cold storage failure.


Below you can see some of our temperature monitoring solution's features.
For all details and features see our FAQ.

Wireless Sensors

By using wireless temperature sensors we drastically reduce the installation and maintenance costs.

Long Battery Life

Because the sensors are extremely efficient, the batteries of the devices can last up to 10 years.

Cloud Based Solution

Access your data wherever you may be, as long as you have an internet connection.

Email and Phone Notifications

Be notified via email or phone as soon as something goes wrong. E.g. temperature rises above desired levels.

Scheduled Reports

Automatically receive reports based on your requirements and needs.

Easily Export Data

Your data can be easily exported when you want to. Simply select your desired period and done.

Temperature Charts

Easy-to-understand charts are automatically created based on the data collected by the temperature sensors.

NIST Certified Wireless Sensors

Add the optional Tracable Calibration Certification which complies with ISO 17025 and ISO 9000 standards.

Full Service Solution

We provide end-to-end service: from consultations to high-quality installations and reliable customer support.
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