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Unify Utility Operations

Deliver safe and reliable service with real-time visibility across your fleet and infrastructure.
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Axxon provides solutions for all your fleet management needs in order to streamline operations.

Easy to use

Anyone with a mobile or desktop device can access the clean, and intuitive interface.

Quick setup

Our team will get you up and running in no time, drive adoption faster, and maximize ROI earlier.

Dedicated support

Ultra-responsive customer support. Available in multiple languages.

Optimize Overall fleet safety

Identify risky driving with a dashcam and harsh event detection. Create a safety-centered culture in your fleet with our connected dashcam.

Deliver Exceptional Service

Dispatch nearby drivers to address unexpected outages to improve response time and produce automated ETA alerts to customers.

Track & Reduce Maintenance Cost

Tracking your fleet maintenance costs enables you to build a more efficient routine & reduce your overall monthly expenses.
\With Axxon, you have simple yet powerful tools to monitor and manage your vehicles, temperatures, and other assets effectively."

Jean-Paul Bernadina

Managing Director

Benefits of utility fleet management

Driver Behavior

Record incidents for legal proof and coach drivers live with an in-cab voice coaching device.
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Precise GPS Location

Stay on the best routes and stay on time with our GPS & route optimization tool.
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Automated Reports

Run automated reports from all data in the dashboard and provide customer ETAs.
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N.V. Elmar prevents misuse, streamlines administrative tasks, and improves fleet coordination.

80+ Vehicles

N.V. ELMAR is the sole provider of electricity on the island of Aruba.

The Challenge

With the lack of insight, it was impossible to improve daily operations.

The Solution

With Axxon's GPS trackers, to get the exact location data of vehicles, all in a single dashboard.

The Outcome

They now had enough oversight to prevent misuse, increase productivity, and reduces operational cost.
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