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Fleet Management for field services companies

Real-time data and location updates provide accurate ETAs that increase customer satisfaction ratings.
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Axxon is the single solution for all your fleet management needs, so you can streamline your business.

Easy to use

Anyone with a mobile or desktop device can access the clean, intuitive interface.

Quick setup

Our service team will get you up and running sooner, drive adoption faster, and maximize ROI earlier.

Dedicated support

Ultra-responsive customer support. Available in multiple languages.

Stay on top of fleet operations

Get the data you need to instantly monitor vehicles, manage schedules, and track billable hours.

Protect your valuable assets

Our platform gives you reliable, live location data to prevent theft and effectively manage your operations.
With the system we can prove that the maintenance crew arrived on site and how long they were there.

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Optimize your fleet with maintenance reminders

Maintenance Schedules

Set reminders based on your chosen triggers which will boost fleet efficiency and save you time on vehicle inspection.
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Custom Inspection Reports

Develop custome inspection reports for vehicle or asset type, so you can monitor exactly what you need.
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Reduce Operation Costs

All important data in a single dashboard that allows you to calculate profitability and make more informed investments.
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BSC Pool & SPA Bonaire successfully support their maintenance operations and customer service

15 Vehicles

They have 15 maintenance cars servicing swimming pools all around the Caribbean island.

The Challenge

No oversight & insights into where the drivers were, made it challenging to manage maintenance fleet efficiency.

The Solution

Install GPS trackers throughout their fleet & dashboard showing real-time routing reports and employee location.

The Outcome

Now they have detailed object visit reports to provide proof of services, minimize disputes, and expedite billing.
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