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Are AirTags the right solution for a company?

Managing a company’s operations is no small task - it's more than scheduling vehicles, handling drivers, and staying on top of maintenance.

It’s keeping an eye on the operations costs, productivity, customer satisfaction, working with different departments, and much more. It's as if you're constantly spinning plates, and just one slip could cause everything to come crashing down. In those overwhelming moments, you might be tempted to grab the quickest, cheapest fix you can find, hoping it'll hold everything together.

We get it. We've seen this happen. The sighs of relief turn into frustration when that quick fix isn't quite the miracle solution it seemed. We get why quick fixes can be tempting, but we also know they often don’t last long. 

It's okay. This isn't about pointing out mistakes, it's about learning and adapting. We're here to help you understand the difference between an AirTag and a solution like Axxon, to guide you in finding the one that truly meets your needs. 

After all, a solution isn't really a solution if it only adds to your problems. Let's explore the differences together, so you can make an informed decision that's right for your company.

Small Size, Big Possibilities: The AirTag

Introduced in 2021, the AirTag is a small, coin-shaped device that helps keep track of personal belongings. It works seamlessly with their ecosystem and utilizes the vast network of global Apple devices to locate lost items. 

This convenience and user-friendly approach make the AirTag an attractive tool for personal use. However, when we consider the needs of a business, AirTag’s shine begins to dull. 

Here are some reasons why AirTags might not be the best fit for a company: 

1. Limited Real-Time Tracking

AirTags don’t provide real-time tracking data. They update location intermittently, which could potentially cause a delay in information, especially in time-sensitive situations.

So, imagine it’s a regular Monday morning, and one of your delivery trucks is on its way to a client’s warehouse. Suddenly, the client calls to question about an unexpected delay. With AirTags, you would not be able to provide an immediate update due to its intermittent location updates. In contrast, Axxon’s real-time tracking would allow you to instantly check the truck’s location and accurately inform the client about the estimated arrival time. 

2. No Geofencing, no notifications:

Geofencing is an essential feature for managers. It allows you to set predefined boundaries and get notified if a vehicle leaves or enters these areas.

Let’s say you run a construction company, and your expensive equipment is frequently transported between job sites. With Axxon, you could set up a geofence around each site, notifying you if any piece of equipment unexpectedly leaves the area, helping to prevent theft or unauthorized use. Unfortunately, this level of protection isn’t possible with AirTags, which do not support geofencing. 

3. Lack of Detailed Reporting:

Axxon provides comprehensive reporting on various metrics such as fuel consumption, idle time, route history, and driver behavior. This data is the key to optimizing operations, but it’s not something AirTags can provide.

Suppose you own a taxi company and have noticed an increase in fuel costs. With Axxon, you could access comprehensive reports on each vehicle’s fuel consumption, idle times, and route history. This data would help you identify inefficient routes or drivers leaving engines idling unnecessarily. AirTags do not offer reporting. 

4. Not Built for Bigger Operations:

If you're running a large fleet, you need a system that can adapt and grow with you. AirTags, designed for personal use, miss the mark here. For one, they require an Apple ID for connection. Moreover, tracking info only shows up if there are Apple devices near the AirTag.

On the other hand, with Axxon, it's a whole different story. Axxon's system is designed to accommodate various departments in a company, everyone with their own login info and the possibility of access to specific tools. So, whether it's operations, maintenance, or customer service, everyone gets what they need. AirTags simply can't compete with that level of customization and scalability.

5. No Dedicated Support:

Axxon goes beyond mere tracking with a dedicated customer success team. Our focus isn't just ensuring your vehicle management system runs smoothly - it's your success. We believe in forming a partnership with you, guiding you every step of the way, and providing resources tailored to your specific needs, making sure you get the most out of our solution.

AirTags, being a consumer product, can’t match this level of service. Even less so for us Caribbean folks still not being able to find our islands listed in many places including Apple. 

Built for Businesses: Axxon

Our fleet management solutions are specifically designed to cater to the complex needs of companies. Unlike AirTag, Axxon’s system provides real-time GPS tracking, geofencing, detailed fleet utilization reports, and even driving behavior. A complete all-in-one solution, designed to make the day-to-day operations simple, significantly enhancing efficiency and productivity, reducing costs, and increasing safety. 

The Bottom Line 

While Airtags are an excellent tool for keeping tabs on personal items, they’re simply not equipped to handle the complexities of fleet management. And actually, we do not even recommend it for personal vehicle tracking. 

Remember, when it comes to managing your company vehicles, it’s not just about knowing where they are. It’s about using that data to make smarter, more informed decisions. And that’s precisely where Axxon shines. 

Curious to see our solution in action and explore how it can benefit your business? Let's set up a quick, no-strings-attached demo. In less than 40 minutes, we'll walk you through how it all works. No commitment, just clarity.