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Axxon Gives Back To The Community

2020 has been a tough year for us all, for some more than others. Instead of handing out Christmas gifts to clients, we decided to make some donations to two local orphanages.

During the holiday season Axxon normally sends out small gifts to our clients in order to show appreciation for the ongoing relationship.

This year we decided to change things up a bit by giving back to those in need.

Our colleague, Stephanie, reached out to a couple of orphanages on the island of Curaçao to see which of them could use a helping hand during this tough holiday season.
After doing some research online, making a couple of phone calls and emails, we decided to move forward with two orphanages: Huize St. Jozef and Kinderoorden Brakkeput.

Our contact person at Huize St. Jozef explained to us that they really wanted the kids (boys ranging from 8-13) to be able to visit their families and pass the holidays with new clothes on their back and shoes on their feet.

Bags with shirts, pants, shoes, and some other goodies for Huize St. Jozef.

At Kinderoorden Brakkeput the situation was a bit different since they had just received a large donation of clothes. So, the kids were good to go for quite some time when it comes to clothing.

The organization did need some help with some other items such as printers, rice cookers, etc. Below you can see a photo together with the director of Kinderoorden Brakkeput.

Kerstdonatie 2020 aan Kinderoorden Brakkeput door Axxon Tracking
From left to right: Rodney Molina, Jean-Paul Bernadina, Raymond Gericho, Stephanie Leito, and Radjen Ramdin

We hope to continue not only giving back each year, but also increasing what we give back to those in need.

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