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Route Planning

Streamline and optimize your company’s daily logistics processes.

Advanced Route Planning for Transport Companies

Designed to reduce logistics' costs, optimize the fleet, and improve your company's service quality, our route planning solution will help you to manage your logistics process more efficiently.

Not Just A GPS-Tracker

We believe that a GPS Tracker is meant for so much more than knowing where a vehicle has been. See how we use live data for route optimization.
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Keep a Database of All Your Clients and Deliveries

Create order and client list in the Axxon system or import it from your IT systems using API integrations. That way you'll be able to assign orders and cargos to specific clients within a few seconds time.

API Integrations for an Effortless Workflow

Using our platform you'll be able to send data using API's to your ERP or other system of choice.
  • Great service from Axxon Tracking and I am highly satisfied with the results I am getting. I can contact them easily, and they work on a solution right away with always new ideas and updates.
    Mariño Hooi
    Security Operations Manager
    Blue Bay Security
  • I am very happy with the results I am getting from the solution and would highly recommend it to any organization serious about becoming more efficient.
    Mikeson Job
    Transport Coordinator
    Stichting Wit Gele Kruis
  • When planning an extra delivery I needed to contact the drivers to find out their location. Now I just look at the dashboard and contact the driver closest to the client immediately, saving time and making my job easier.
    Tyrone Sporkslede
    Distribution Manager
    Lovers Global
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