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Vehicle Temperature Monitoring

A reliable refrigerator telematics solution will provide trustworthy monitoring, data analysis, and alert system so you can say goodbye to human error or system failure.

All Data in a Simple Graph

Have easy-to-understand temperature data graphs and adjust the displayed information using filters and a zoom-in feature to view specific data points. Combine temperature monitoring with the GPS tracking solution to see when and where the temperature changes happened.

Track Cargo Data and Monitor Errors

Get precise real-time data about the state of refrigerator devices and monitor directly from the office. Spotting failures and acting quickly will save your business from financial losses caused by damaged cargo.

Real-Time Temperature Data

Know exactly where and what your vehicles are doing in real-time. This allows you to make calculated adjustments to daily operations and optimize fleet performance.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

Simple installation and expansion
Cloud-based for globally accessible data
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Receive Instant Alerts

Set up alerts to notify your drivers and dispatchers as soon as any temperature changes appear and save your business from unexpected costs.

Integrations With Your Business Systems

Use our API integration feature to send the refrigeration system data and all the urgent alert information to your internal business systems.
  • Great service from Axxon Tracking and I am highly satisfied with the results I am getting. I can contact them easily, and they work on a solution right away with always new ideas and updates.
    Mariño Hooi
    Security Operations Manager
    Blue Bay Security
  • I am very happy with the results I am getting from the solution and would highly recommend it to any organization serious about becoming more efficient.
    Mikeson Job
    Transport Coordinator
    Stichting Wit Gele Kruis
  • When planning an extra delivery I needed to contact the drivers to find out their location. Now I just look at the dashboard and contact the driver closest to the client immediately, saving time and making my job easier.
    Tyrone Sporkslede
    Distribution Manager
    Lovers Global
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