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GPS Tracking crucial for BSC Pool & SPA's maintenance operations

BSC Pool & SPA Bonaire uses Axxon Tracking to successfully support their maintenance operations and customer service. Through detailed reports they have access to a backlog of object visits providing proof of service to customers and give accurate ETA’s.

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BSC Pool&SPA builds, renovates and maintains swimming pools and jacuzzis on Bonaire. They specialize in Magnapools and lead the market in swimming pool construction and maintenance on Bonaire.

They have 15 maintenance cars servicing swimming pools all around the Caribbean island.

The Challenge - Lack of Oversight

With no oversight and no insights into where the drivers were, it was difficult to manage the maintenance fleet efficiently.

"Sometimes we want to check our drivers or want to provide proof of service to our customers."

Rosalie Bierings, co-owner BSC Pool&SPA

The Solution - Install GPS Trackers

Axxon Tracking installed GPS Trackers throughout their maintenance fleet in order to track the current location and route history of all vehicles. BSC Pool&SPA uses our dashboard with real-time routing and reports showing when employees are at a client and for how long.

The Outcome - Verifiable Reports

Fleet Management Reports

With detailed object visit reports they can now provide proof of service to their customers.
Having this data at your fingertips will help minimize disputes with customers and expedite billing.

"With the system we can prove that the maintenance crew arrived on site and how long they were there."

Rosalie Bierings, co-owner BSC Pool&SPA

Automated Scheduled Reports

Having added all their customer locations, instead of addresses, the system makes processing all the available data easier. It gives a better overview when checking drivers’ routes or checking the automated scheduled report.

Axxon Tracking provides key insights and is at the center of BSC Pool&SPA’s maintenance operations.
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