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Blue Bay Security successfully upgrades their security operations

Blue Bay Security uses Axxon Tracking to successfully upgrade their security operations by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, automate reporting with geofencing, checkpoints, and alerts. This resulted in them having control over all their security cars 24/7.

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Blue Bay Services is, among other things, responsible for the 24/7 security of Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort, a gated luxury residing and vacationing resort, and community.

It is a 220-acre resort with a beach, recreational facilities, restaurants and bars, an 18-hole golf course, and has 500 high-end residences.

With 18 security officers and 5 trucks, they safeguard the total area around the clock.

The Challenge - Manual Processes

With only manual logs available, it was not possible to check drivers and there was no reliable data about the whereabouts of the security teams.

"Before, there was a lot of paperwork we needed to do manually. Security officers filled out an activity report which had to be checked after every shift."

Mariño Hooi, Security Operations Manager

The Solution - Install GPS Trackers

Axxon Tracking installed GPS Trackers in their security cars giving access to a dashboard with real-time locations of assets. With custom checkpoints and sections, route history can be verified easily in automated scheduled reports.

2 Security Trucks from Blue Bay Security

The Outcome - Verifiable Reports

Eliminate paperwork

The security officers do not have a scheduled route but there are checkpoints and sections that were added in the system they have to pass a certain amount of times during a work shift. With the daily reports this can be verified accurately, eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

"When there is a security incident, we have access to all the relevant data about our security detail."

Mariño Hooi, Security Operations Manager

Fleet Management Reports

With the maintenance reports and alerts, the security trucks can stay in operation 24/7. Legal documents, like road tax, driver's license and insurance, are also tracked in the system. Departments support each other, for example, by notifying the finance department when action is required.

Fleet and Asset Alerts

With speeding alerts, managers get notified immediately.
“The resort is a residential area so I want to know right away if a truck is speeding”, says Hooi.

Geofence Monitoring

Geofencing alerts can be used to identify misuse because as soon as an asset leaves the resort a notification is sent allowing for 24/7 control over their security detail.

Mobile app for Managers and Drivers

Hooi explained: “Even on the go I can check the security status with the mobile app.
I know the whereabouts in real-time and routes of the vehicles and have access to the most important information."

Customer Service

"Great service from Axxon Tracking and I am highly satisfied with the results I am getting. I can contact them easily and they work on a solution right away, always with new ideas and updates."

Mariño Hooi, Security Operations Manager

Axxon Tracking provides key insights and is at the heart of Blue Bay Services’ security operations.
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