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Caribbean Cargo Services Revolutionizes Their Transportation Operations

As one of the leading companies on the island for cargo and moving, CCS prides  themselves in efficient and effective work. As a company with more than 20 employees it is easy to get lost in the growth and processes of the daily operations. The overview and control is easily lost because of the lack of data.

This is CCS’s story from the experience of Mark and Daniel : 

Mark van Vliet - Operations Manager 

Daniel Lopez - Warehouse Assistant Manager

The Challenges

Daniel: As we have been growing, the frustrating point as the assistant warehouse manager was being able to control the efficiency of the fleet and the time management. A big issue was the abuse of time, resulting in an immense amount of overtime pay as well as an ineffective operation that wasn't reaching its ceiling, its potential. So how could we get control of this and maximize our daily output of cargo?

Mark: We were in desperate need of data. Data of how the drivers were behaving, how much time they spent on the road, at the customers ( if they were being efficient and not taking longer,  with the sole purpose of not maximizing the time we had ). We noticed that this was getting out of control and costing us a lot of money. The company was bleeding out unnecessarily.

The Solution

Daniel: After having carefully weighed out our options, we made a decision. We chose Axxon because of their ability to give us real-time tracking. This in turn provided us with data that became an integral part of our daily operations. We went from calling our customers to find out about our drivers to be able to know exactly where they were, how long they stayed, and if they were driving efficiently.

Mark: Because of this new implementation, we could save face with customers, and more importantly, it opened a new way of approaching our daily planning. What we weren't able to do before because of lack of data, (drivers deviating from the routes, making unnecessary stops, taking inefficient routes to name a few) we could tackle real issues and solve them with data, transparency, and consistently addressing these behaviors in meetings.

The Outcome

Mark: Little did we know that with the newly discovered data, we would find out about more inefficiency and other problems that we were not aware of.

Daniel: When tackling the idling issue, it became apparent that a lack of maintenance was being done that caused the excessive idling, which was costing us about 2 full tanks of gasoil in 3 weeks.

Mark: In solving the garage issue through the service reminder feature, our maintenance has been automated in a timely manner and has almost completely resolved the idling problem. This lowered our gasoil usage to the point that we fill up our tanks roughly every other 1.5 to 2 months. Reducing our gasoil consumption to more than half has enabled us to invest in other tools, vehicles, etc that could benefit the company, its employees, and its future.

Now Axxon is ingrained in what we do, who we are! It is impossible for CCS to see a future without Axxon.