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De SGR-Groep improves their route planning and transport operations

De Stichting voor Gehandicapten- en Revalidatiezorg (De SGR-Groep) uses Axxon Tracking to successfully improve their route planning and transportation operations. With reliable data and a driver policy in place, bad driving behavior and misuse have been drastically reduced, saving around 10% on fuel, maintenance, and repair cost annually.

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De SGR-Groep is the largest disability and rehabilitation service provider in Curaçao.
They employ about 600 people that are currently working in their living- and daycare facilities all over the island.

As an umbrella organization, they support services for 3 foundations that are designed
to offer care: Fundashon Verriet, Stichting Revalidatiecentrum Curaçao, and Curaçao Orthotics & Prosthetics.

They have a fleet of 26 vehicles consisting of minibusses, vans, and company cars for
management and physicians. Transportation care of their clients is one of the company’s supporting services.

The main responsibility of the fleet and logistics unit is specialized transport of their clients, from home or living departments to daycare facilities.

The Challenge - No Oversight

With the lack of oversight of the vehicle’s current location, no insights into where the drivers have been, and which route they took, it was very difficult to manage the fleet and it was nearly impossible to optimize the daily routes.

The Solution - Install GPS Trackers

Axxon Tracking installed GPS Trackers throughout their fleet in order to monitor the current location and route history of all vehicles.
De SGR-groep uses our solution to monitor the real-time location of its fleet and monitor other essential fleet info.
Other features like service reminders driver behavior, and other automated reports make the day-to-day operations much easier.

Axxon Tracking GPS Tracking IoT Device
GPS Tracker Installation by Axxon Tracker Technician

The Outcome - Efficiency and ROI

Different departments across the organization have access to the system. This means that
our solution is well embedded within the company.

Optimized Route Planning

Planning the daily routes can now be done more efficiently and precise. Every route is
calculated accurately and the transport manager takes in account specific driver tasks,
when there are multiple wheelchair bound clients in his route for example.

"We save around 10% on fuel, maintenance, and repair cost annually with Axxon Tracking."

Ansela Ricardo, Unit Leader Fleet and Logistics

They can anticipate quickly on changing conditions and therefore provide a better service.

Knowing when vehicles and drivers are returning to the office makes optimal deployment of both the vehicle fleet as well as the workforce possible.

Prevent Misuse

With reliable data and reports, together with a driver policy, bad driving behavior and misuse have been reduced drastically. With our reports, drivers can now reflect on their behavior and learn, creating more accountable drivers.

Fleet Management Reports

There are almost 40 report types available in the system which can be scheduled and sent via email. This makes documenting and presenting actionable data easier than ever.
When presenting the number of ‘harsh braking events’ from a report in a meeting, it created a ‘wow’ moment and it makes it easier to address this issue to drivers.

Vehicle Status

The battery status of the vehicles can now easily be monitored. Gone are the days of a
vehicle not starting because the vehicle’s battery is dead. Alerts are set so there are no
more unexpected dead batteries, thus saving time and money.

Solve Conflicts

Conflicts with clients about pickup or arrival times can easily be settled because of the complete route history that is available in the system.

We are extremely satisfied with the results we are getting. There is a lot of support from Axxon if we have any questions or tun into any problems related to the system. When there are issues we get updated immediately and they work on a solution right away."

Ansela Ricardo, Unit Leader Fleet and Logistics

Axxon Tracking provides key insights and is the driving force of De SGR-Groep's transport operations. Discover how fleet management technology can improve your business.
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