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Dijk Transport improves deployment of vehicles and manpower by 30%

Dijk Transport uses Axxon Tracking to successfully improve their route planning and transportation operations. With better fleet oversight they managed to improve the deployment of vehicles and manpower by 30%. Also improving customer service and dispatch efficiency along the way.

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Dijk Transport has been helping Curaçao stay clean since 2001.
And are the leading full-service waste transportation service provider on the island.

They specialize in container rental, and the collection and transportation of various
types of waste for multiple industries. The industries they serve include contractors,
hotels, supermarkets and ships, but also service private individuals.

Dijk Transport uses the services as well as facilities of Selikor and various recycling companies on the island to process waste. Their fleet includes crane trucks, vacuum trucks, roll-off trucks, trackers, forklifts, trucks, and loaders.

The Challenge - Vital Information Missing

In the absence of a real-time overview of the fleet, they were missing vital information.

They did not know the current whereabouts of the vehicles and could not provide estimated times of arrival (ETA’s) to their clients. The route planning and daily operations
could be done more effectively.

The Solution - Install GPS Trackers

Back in 2015 Axxon Tracking installed GPS Trackers throughout all of its fleet. Dijk Transport uses our dashboard with real-time routing and essential fleet information.
Other features such as event alerts (when a vehicle is over-speeding for example) and battery status reports make the day-to-day operations more manageable.

Line of red trucks from Dijk Transport in front of Heintje Kool Ballpark Curacao

The Outcome - Efficiency and ROI

Different departments across the organization have access to the system. This means that our solution is well embedded within the company.

Optimize Route Planning

The recurring routes for regular clients can now be planned more effectively. They see the route history and upcoming tasks of all the drivers so they can plan and coordinate efficiently. Thus, making the coordination of services to private individuals in between the regular clients more convenient.

"We now have all the necessary information and insights to effectively manage and optimize our transport operations."

Mrs. Willems, Transport Coordinator

Estimated Time of Arrival

With the current whereabouts of the vehicles available it is easy to provide their clients with an accurate ETA, which improves their customer service.

Fleet Management Alerts

Receiving overspeeding alerts helps them to better manage their drivers. As Mrs. Willems explained; “I contact the drivers immediately, notifying them that they are overspeeding."

Saving Time and Money

Knowing when vehicles and drivers are returning to the office makes optimal
deployment of both the vehicle fleet as well as the workforce possible.

Dijk Transport started saving a lot of time after implementing the system. The
deployment of vehicles and manpower improved by at least 30%.

Red truck from Dijk Transport Curacao driving on the road.

"We are very satisfied with the solution and the customer service of Axxon Tracking. They are very attentive and ready to help. Whether we have questions, issues, or if a GPS Tracker needs to be transferred to a different truck, they are always available to assist us."

Mrs. Willems, Transport Coordinator

Axxon Tracking provides key insights and is the driving force of Dijk Transport’s transportation operations.
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