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GGD Curaçao Unlocks Visibility Across Their Vehicles In One Platform

GGD is an independent service within the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature in Curacao. GGD, one of our bigger clients, aims to protect and promote the health interests of every citizen in Curaçao with over 20 vehicles. 

The Challenge

As many businesses who own vehicles, they too stumbled upon car misuse, reckless driving, and fuel waste. Being part of the government, GGD needed to improve its operations and increase control for everyone’s sake. 

GGD is constantly busy researching our environment meaning there are always employees on the road. Because their goals are to protect and promote the health interests of every citizen in Curaçao, they wanted to conduct their research as efficiently as possible with full control of their fuel consumption while making sure their vehicles were not being misused and ensuring the safety of their drivers.

The Solution

GGD and Axxon was a match made in heaven. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. One of our goals is to improve our customer’s operational efficiency and safety and that is precisely what our customer GGD was looking for. 

“Axxon provided me with so much information, and were so patient with all my questions that I had no doubt in my mind they were the ones we’d work with. They met all our needs and more than that.” said Gregory Snel

Once everything was ready to start, our technician Radjen began the installation process and in less than a day,  everything was up and running for 10 of their vehicles. GGD loved the fact that not only could they control their fuel consumption but they could make sure their employee’s driving behavior was safe, not only to protect their drivers and business, but to protect the community as well. The experience was so smooth that after not too long, they opted to integrate our devices into 10 more of their vehicles.   

“We can see if our drivers are driving irresponsible or responsible. If one of our drivers is unsafe and needs us we know exactly what to do and where to go” said Gregory Snel

The Outcome

Not only is GGD pro-actively promoting safety among their employees on the road but they were able to decrease their idle time, lowering pollutants emitted which contributes to a healthier environment for all of us in Curaçao.

“Our fuel consumption has never been so low, we are stunned at how fast and drastically we were able to decrease it.”  said Gregory Snel

We, at Axxon, are proud that companies like GGD are actively looking for ways to upgrade their safety and efficiency. GGD was not looking for just a GPS tracker, they were looking for a complete solution, and we are ready for all companies looking to improve their operations. GGD’s plans are big and so are ours! 

“I recommend Axxon to everyone not only in my industry but also those close to me. I am incredibly grateful for their patience and how they are always ready to help.” - Gregory Snel