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Heavy Mix Curaçao prevents unjustified and excessive overtime

Heavy Mix Curaçao uses Axxon Tracking to successfully prevent unjustified and excessive overtime, and boost dispatch efficiency. Improving customer service, reducing operation costs and increasing efficiency in the process.

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Established in 2009, Heavy Mix Concrete B.V. specializes in concrete filling and delivering raw building materials everywhere on Curaçao.

They produce concrete, concrete blocks, and pavers. Having high standards in
quality control and customer service they were looking for a tailored fleet management solution.

They have a mixed fleet of 23 vehicles consisting of mixer trucks, pump trucks, and heavy equipment.

The Challenge - Excessive Overtime

With the lack of oversight and no insights into where the trucks were, it was difficult to manage the fleet and thus the construction projects efficiently.

"Before the system drivers did occasional overtime up to 10 pm because projects got ‘delayed‘ during the day. We had no means to check or control this process."

Curley Kwidama, Operations Manager

The Solution - Install GPS Trackers

Axxon Tracking installed GPS Trackers throughout their construction fleet in order to track the current location and route history of all trucks. Heavy Mix uses our dashboard with real-time routing and reports showing when assets are at a construction site and for how long.

The Outcome - Saving Costs

Stop misuse

The unjustified and excessive overtime stopped immediately and efficiency has gone up dramatically. Deliveries can be checked and followed in real-time, which resulted in better project management and solved the problem of excessive overtime, thus saving costs.

"It changed 100% with Axxon. Now the drivers clock out as expected."

Curley Kwidama, Operations Manager

Optimized Route Planning

Instead of waiting for a truck to return for a refill, with real-time tracking, the plant quality control manager can prepare the next specific load for this truck in advance.
This saves 4 to 6 minutes per truck per refill, and that adds up, making a huge efficiency improvement possible in their operations management.

Knowing where assets are at all times has also proven to be a great feature for dispatch.

"For customer service the tool is great because I can give a real estimated time of arrival to our customers."

Curley Kwidama, Operations Manager

Axxon Tracking provides key insights and is at the heart of Heavy Mix’s distribution operations.
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