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Romar Trading prevents theft and stops excessive overtime

Aruba based Romar Trading uses Axxon Tracking to successfully prevent the theft of goods and unjustified or excessive overtime, in order to meet strict regulations for external audits, and more. Thus, improving customer service, reducing operation costs, and increasing efficiency in the process.

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Romar Trading is the official representative, distributor, and leading food and beverage
wholesaler for an extensive portfolio of premium brands on Aruba.

They represent various A-brands such as Heineken, Johnny Walker, Pepsico, Red Bull, L’Oreal, and Frito-Lay, and are distributors for Yum! Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell) on Aruba.

With 125 employees and a fleet of 45 vehicles, they service their client base on the Caribbean island.

The Challenge - No Verifiable Data

With the lack of oversight and no insights into where the vehicles were, it was difficult to manage the fleet and thus the distribution operations efficiently.

"We suspected misuse of our vehicles and we were dealing with our sales agents doing regular overtime. But we had no means to check or control both issues."

Gwendly Winklaar, Head of Security

The Solution - Install GPS Trackers

Axxon Tracking installed GPS Trackers throughout their distribution fleet in order to track the current location and route history of all vehicles. Romar Trading uses our dashboard with real-time routing and reports showing when assets are at a delivery point and for how long.

The Outcome - Saving Costs

Stopping Theft

As it turned out some drivers were driving the scheduled daily route in a different order and making unauthorized stops. They stopped two kinds of theft by monitoring and managing their fleet with Axxon Tracking:
When a client does not check the delivery amount, for example, 20 cases, the driver only unloads 18 cases and takes 2 cases for themselves.

"The benefit of Axxon Tracking is getting data fast. We know what conditions are like right now, not what it was like 15, 30, or 60 minutes ago."

Gwendly Winklaar, Head of Security

Fleet Management Reports

Products that were nearing their expiration date were taken instead of being brought back to the warehouse to be properly disposed of.
On both occasions the stolen goods were then sold outside the delivery route, this could be identified through our scheduled reports with full route history.


As a distributor for Yum! Brands they have to deal with tight audits in quality and product control. In dealing with perishable products, timely delivery is critical.
When products have been outside a temperature critical parameter they cannot be sold anymore and have to be disposed of properly.

Using the system, we identified and stopped a driver that was making regular unauthorized personal stops and turned off the cooling system during that period, rendering the products unusable.

"We had no idea that there was so much vehicle misuse happening right under our noses. Axxon Tracking helped us find out about the ongoing vehicle misuse so we could put an immediate stop to it."

Gwendly Winklaar, Head of Security

Axxon Tracking provides key insights and is at the heart of Romar Trading’s distribution operations.
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