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Wit Gele Kruis successfully improves their planning and transportation operations

Stichting Wit Gele Kruis (WGK) uses Axxon Tracking to successfully improve their planning and transportation operations. This was achieved by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and streamlining workflows by digitizing and automating common procedures. It also stopped unjustified and excessive overtime in the process.

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WGK is the largest organization that provides home care in Curaçao. They offer home care in the broadest sense including district nursing, family care, as well as care for infants and toddlers. Transportation care of their clients is one of the company’s supporting services.

WGK is the only ISO-certified home care organization in Curaçao and they consider it an important task to guarantee the highest quality.

The ISO 9001:2015 accreditation is an international benchmark for quality management throughout all the aspects of the company. Audits are performed twice a year.

For this reason, WGK continuously looks for ways to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality.

The Challenge - Manual Processes

Route planning and driver tasks were mostly done manually and on paper, which was cumbersome and time-consuming. The lack of information about traveled distances and whereabouts of their drivers was a problem. This resulted in overtime issues.

The Solution - Install GPS Trackers

Axxon Tracking installed GPS Trackers in their vehicles so they know the real-time location of their vehicles. Other features such as service and documents reminders, vehicle inspections, and automated reports make day-to-day operations much simpler.

Wit Gele Kruis Transport Vehicle on the road

The Outcome - Streamlined Organization

Different departments across the organization have access to the system. This means that our solution is well embedded within the company.

Effective Fleet Management

The fleet coordinator is responsible for the condition of the vehicles and manages this using the system.
Daily vehicle inspections (mileage, lights, and tire checks for example) are being carried out by the drivers and logged through our mobile app for drivers.

The vehicles’ service reminders and relevant documents are scheduled and registered within the system. Email notifications are being sent to those that need to take action. By doing this WGK has full oversight and total control of its fleet.

"The total process of planning is much more efficient than before."

Mikeson Job, Transport Coordinator

This whole process eliminates manual paperwork, which resulted in a more streamlined and more effective organization.

Optimize Transport Management

The planning can now be done more efficiently. Drivers use a tablet and our mobile app to perform various tasks like the daily vehicle inspection, daily route planning including on-screen navigation, and task management to verify each pickup and drop-off.

Add our integrated communication platform and the total package ensures optimal collaboration between the dispatcher and the driver.

Stop Disputes with verifiable reports

Due to a better overview and more efficient route planning, the drivers’ overtime hours have dropped significantly.

Debating extra rest breaks has become a thing of the past because the dispatcher can see the exact parking data of the vehicle, and thus the drivers’ pause.

Conflicts with customers about pickup or arrival times can easily be settled because of
the complete route history that is always available in the system.

"I am very happy with the results I am getting from the solution and would highly recommend it to any organization serious about becoming more efficient."

Mikeson Job, Transport Coordinator

Axxon Tracking provides key insights and is the driving force of Stichting Wit Gele Kruis' transport operations.
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