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Medical Laboratory Services prevents catastrophic loss of inventory

Medical Laboratory Services (MLS) uses Axxon Tracking’s Remote Temperature Monitoring solution to prevent catastrophic loss of inventory during a cold storage failure.

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MLS is a state-of-the-art and leading private medical laboratory on the island of Curaçao. Established in 1992, MLS services general practitioners, specialists, several clinics, and hospitals.

To further affirm their high-quality standards, the lab has been ISO 15189 accredited by the Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA) since 2012.

The ISO 15189:2012 accreditation is an international benchmark for medical laboratories that are based on international standards for medical laboratories and quality management systems.

To maintain the ISO accreditation status, MLS is periodically audited by the RvA. For this reason, MLS continuously looks for ways to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality.

The Challenge - Digitize and Automate

Specialized clinical laboratory inventory, such as test reagents and patient materials, needs to be stored at specific temperature ranges to ensure quality and effectiveness.

“This means that the quality and thus the temperature needs to be monitored at all times.”

Medical Technician at MLS

Mr. Sabina supervises the technical department and procurement of the laboratory’s reagents and consumables. Being instantly alerted when the temperature of a cold storage unit exceeds a specific range is crucial.

The Solution - Industrial IoT Devices

Axxon Tracking installed 34 wireless temperature sensors in their critical temperature-controlled storages, ranging from industrial refrigerators to deep freezers reaching -86 degrees Celsius.
Through an online dashboard and mobile app, all the sensory data is accessible 24/7. Automated reports and alerts are sent via e-mail. Critical temperature fluctuations trigger these automated alerts.

"Very convenient to monitor and protect product quality from wherever I might be."

Medical Technician at MLS

The Outcome - ROI

The remote temperature monitoring sensors were found to be more reliable and precise than manual processes, which are more prone to human errors.
They also safeguard their most critical temperature-controlled storage and send automated alerts if a temperature is outside the specified threshold.


On a weekend during the COVID-19 lockdown, one of their biggest walk-in cold storage failed due to a broken compressor. The system immediately sent a notification so it could be repaired on time, saving a huge amount of test reagent stock, which represented a significant investment.

Return on Investment

Due to the stated incident, the investment of our Remote Temperature Monitoring solution was earned back easily, just in this one event alone.

“It’s very convenient to be able to monitor and protect product quality from anywhere. This is important because temperature influences the quality and reliability of the tests and ultimately the patients results. Incorrect results can lead to incorrect patient treatment”, says Sabina. Who elaborates further; “medical professionals must be able to, and can, trust our results fully."

Customer Service

"…very pleased with the service and appreciate the regular check-ins if everything is working properly and to satisfaction."

Medical Technician at MLS

Axxon Tracking plays an integral part in safeguarding the high quality standards of MLS.
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