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Tracking vehicle activity improves driver behavior. Just as visible security cameras reduce crime, GPS tracking in company vehicles makes for better drivers: Fewer occurrences of speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration and sharp turns leads to fewer accidents, lower maintenance costs, and lower insurance premiums.

A safe fleet is a profitable fleet.


Real-time tracking makes fleets secure. Our Alerts feature protects your vehicles from possible theft, thereby avoiding costly downtime and lengthy insurance claims. Automated alerts also eliminate unauthorized usage, side-jobs and moonlighting — ensuring that your fleet is always working for you, and only you.

A secure fleet is a profitable fleet.


Fleet management improves operational efficiency. Our maintenance feature notifies you when vehicles need an oil change, safety inspection, or any scheduled service. This guarantees service is performed on-time, with the result that maintenance costs are minimized. Our dispatch feature makes it easy to locate and notify the closest driver to a job. This saves time and fuel. Our fleet management software flags inefficient vehicles — those with incidents of speeding, excessive idling or aggressive driving. This lets you identify and correct inefficient driving, thereby reducing fuel costs and wear-and-tear to company vehicles. Studies show that, for fuel alone, fleet management yields average cost savings of 15% per vehicle.

An efficient fleet is a profitable fleet.

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