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Why Hard-wired Trackers Are Better For Vehicle Security

With the increasing number of vehicle thefts and the need for precise fleet management, choosing the right tracking system is essential.

Among the various options available—OBD trackers, portable trackers, asset trackers, and others such as Airtags, hard-wired trackers stand out as the best choice for vehicle security.

Let’s explore why we are sure this tracker is the superior solution for your company’s vehicle security needs.

What Are Hard-Wired Trackers?

Hard-wired trackers are GPS devices that are directly connected to your vehicle’s electrical system. Unlike other types of trackers that might be easily removed or have limited functionality, hard-wired trackers offer an undetected and robust solution for vehicle security and fleet management.

Comparing the different trackers

OBD Trackers: While OBD trackers plug into your car’s onboard diagnostics port and are easy to install, they are also easy to remove. A thief can simply unplug the device, rendering it useless. This poses a significant risk for businesses that rely on consistent tracking for their fleet.

Portable Trackers: These trackers are convenient and versatile but often suffer from battery life issues. They need to be recharged regularly, and if the battery dies, your vehicle is left unprotected. This can be a major inconvenience for businesses that need uninterrupted tracking. Not to mention the fact that the majority of managers deal with excuses such as "I forgot the device at home" or "It's lost, can't find it" from their drivers.

Asset Trackers and Airtags: Designed for tracking items, these devices can be hidden in your vehicle but lack the dedicated power source and permanence that hard-wired trackers provide. They are not ideal for comprehensive vehicle tracking and security.

Hard-Wired Trackers: Because they are integrated into your vehicle’s electrical system, they don’t rely on batteries and can’t be easily tampered with or removed. This makes them far more reliable for long-term use, ensuring your fleet is always protected.

Superior Security Features

Hard-wired trackers come equipped with a range of security features that are hard to beat. They offer real-time tracking, which means you can monitor your vehicle’s location at any moment. This is particularly useful if a vehicle is stolen—you can quickly pinpoint its location and recover it.

In contrast, OBD trackers and portable trackers can be disabled or removed easily, and asset trackers and air tags don’t provide the same level of detailed, real-time data.

One of our customers, United Distributors, found themselves in a tough situation that highlighted the importance of hard-wired trackers. One of their drivers arrived at a local store only to discover a robbery in progress. The driver quickly informed his manager that something was wrong, but just then, his phone died, leaving him with no way to communicate further.

Fortunately, United Distributors had hard-wired GPS trackers installed in their vehicles. Despite the driver’s inability to continue communication, the company was able to track the vehicle’s exact location in real-time. This allowed them to quickly dispatch help to the scene, ensuring the driver’s safety and assisting law enforcement in handling the situation.

This incident underscores the critical advantage of hard-wired trackers—they provide continuous, reliable tracking and instant location data, even when other forms of communication fail. For businesses, this level of security and responsiveness is invaluable.

Watch what happened by clicking here.

Unnoticeable and Difficult to Uninstall

One of the biggest advantages of hard-wired trackers is they can be perfectly hidden in the vehicle, making it difficult for thieves and or drivers to find and disable them.

OBD trackers stick out from the diagnostic port, portable trackers need to be hidden somewhere in the vehicle, and asset trackers or air tags can be discovered with a quick search. Hard-wired trackers, however, are installed behind the scenes, out of sight and out of mind.

History Location Reports

One significant advantage of hard-wired trackers is the ability to generate detailed history location reports. These reports provide a comprehensive log of a vehicle’s movements over time. In the unfortunate event of a theft, these records can be invaluable for law enforcement, offering precise data to help recover the vehicle quickly.

Other types of trackers, like OBD trackers, portable trackers, and asset trackers, may not offer such detailed historical data, making hard-wired trackers a superior choice for this level of security detail.

Real-Time Notifications

Hard-wired trackers can also send real-time notifications to any device if there’s any unusual activity. For instance, if a vehicle starts at an odd hour or moves unexpectedly, you’ll receive an instant alert. This proactive approach allows you to respond quickly to potential security threats, adding another layer of protection for your fleet.

OBD trackers, portable trackers, asset trackers, and air tags might not provide such immediate and reliable alerts, leaving your vehicles vulnerable to unnoticed breaches.

In conclusion, hard-wired trackers offer unmatched reliability, superior security features, stealth, and integration with vehicle systems, making them the ultimate choice for vehicle security.

While OBD trackers, portable trackers, asset trackers, and air tags have their uses, they simply can’t compete with the comprehensive protection that hard-wired trackers provide.

So, if you’re serious about protecting your fleet and enhancing your business operations, look no further than a hard-wired tracker.

It’s a decision that will bring peace of mind and efficiency to your company.

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