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How to detect and eliminate vehicle misuse

Learn how you can reduce company vehicle misuse and improve fleet efficiency.

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Here Is What Vehicle Misuse Can Cost Your Fleet

Misuse of company vehicles can have a dramatic effect on maintenance costs, and reduce productivity significantly. You should be able to recognize these before it's too late.


Drivers are using company vehicles for their side jobs and reduce company productivity.

Excessive Overtime

Unverified and unnecessary overtime hours from sales employees can become pricey.

Excessive Idling

Running the engine and air conditioning during lunch break reduces vehicle performance.

Service Complaints

Drivers delivering products 'out of date' can be damaging to your brand reputation.

Lovers Global prevents vehicle misuse and boosts routing and dispatch efficiency

Lovers Global uses Axxon Tracking to successfully prevent vehicle misuse and boost routing and dispatch efficiency for their distribution fleet of 24 trucks. Reducing fuel costs and improving customer service in the process.
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