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how to improve your fleet communication

Learn how you can better optimize routes and increase fleet productivity with our complete solution tool.

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Barely Hanging On?

Research shows that over 85% of managers and junior staff experiencing communication breakdowns are dealing with productivity reduction and unaccomplished sales. Here's what yours can look like.

Poor Distribution Chain

Can not estimate an accurate time of arrival for dispatch and customers. Not using an ETA Report.

Productivity Drop

Routes are not efficient and every driver has their own routes. Too much waiting time between drops.

Unaccountable Workforce

Lack of driver's accountability and discipline. Drivers are taking multiple breaks on the job.

Losing Your Grip

Difficulty reaching out and to commune with all drivers. Not in 'control' of fleet operations.

Wit Gele Kruis Successfully Improves Their Planning And Transportation Operations

Stichting Wit Gele Kruis (WGK) uses Axxon Tracking to successfully improve their planning and transportation. This was achieved by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and streamlining workflows by digitizing and automating common procedures. it also stopped unjustified and excessive overtime in the process.
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