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GCG Completes Its Safety Compliance Culture

GCG Catering operates in Aruba under the Calloway Corporation name. The company has been a leader in the industry since 1975, joining the GCG Group of companies in 2014. Its trained and experienced workforce services several top airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Jet Blue, and Copa Airlines.

Within the industrial sector, clients include Aruba Prison and hardware store chains like General Store. The company operates from a modern and fully HACCP-compliant plant that meets or exceeds all local and international standards.

The Challenge

GCG Catering is renowned for its strong commitment to safety and compliance, often going the extra mile for its customers. GCG wanted to incorporate additional processes to ensure that their services remain secure.

Every detail of food preparation - from warm meals being made right up until delivery into a high-security facility- must be kept under constant surveillance by GCG. Working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure nothing unlawful infiltrates this facility or compromises its core values while making sure each meal meets industry standards — That’s what sets GCG apart from other caterers out there!

To do this GCG started looking for a security system that reinforced and held their standards, that’s when Armand Ruiz heard of Axxon and immediately contacted us for more information.

“I heard about Axxon and started investigating and asking questions, that’s when I realized that this solution exceeded our expectations and would fit perfectly to our high level of security standards for our customer,” said Armand Ruiz

The Solution

GCG has achieved total compliance thanks to the beneficial capabilities of Axxon’s Dash Cam solution, which allows them to monitor drivers in real time and receive immediate notifications if issues arise. Furthermore, this technology helps ensure that truck storage remains secure at all times.

“Axxon is not just a camera, it gives us the possibility to monitor our drivers and detect any unsafe situation, whether it’s unsafe for our customers, our drivers, or our vehicles. It does not invade our driver’s privacy and it completes our high level of security,” said Armand Ruiz

GCG now has the power to protect its drivers, assets, and other road users. With notifications that alert management of potential safety hazards such as distractions due to phone use or lack of seat-belt wearing, they can take action without having to constantly monitor their team's behavior - preserving employee privacy whilst safeguarding both businesses and lives on the roads!

“Besides that our customer service representatives can use these amazing tools to give accurate estimations of delivery arrival times avoiding awkward situations wondering where our drivers are and whether they’ll be late or on time”. Said Armand Ruiz

The Outcome

GCG Catering was determined to uphold its exemplary standards of food catering. After researching various solutions, they turned to Axxon's Dash Cam system which enabled them not only to monitor drivers in real-time but also to receive notifications regarding any potential flaws. 

Ultimately, the adoption of this technology has reinforced GCG Catering’s commitment to providing exceptional service that meets GCG Catering’s strong safety and compliance regulations.

“I’d recommend this to any company operating with vehicles. It gives full visibility of your fleet and helps with the liability of your company” said Armand Ruiz

The result? Continuous peace of mind for their operations.