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Lower costs with preventive maintenance

Learn how you can keep your fleet operations running smoothly with preventive maintenance.

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Why Preventative Maintenance Is Important

Having a scheduled maintenance plan can save your operation from unexpected breakdowns which lead to unsatisfied customers.
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Unplanned Downtime

Downtime affects your fleet operations and can become very costly.

Constant Engine breakdown

Not performing scheduled maintenance can lead to more severe engine damage.

Long Routine Inspections

Time-based intervals not only take a lot of your time but it's still not as precise as driven-based intervals.

Uncertain Vehicle Uptime

Not having service reminders will leave you uncertain about the health of your assets.

ABC Tours Improves The Quality Of Their Daily Operations

ABC Tours Uses Axxon Tracking to successfully improve the quality of their daily fleet operations. When safety is the keyword, features like; vehicle inspections, preventive maintenance, alerts for speeding, battery status, and restricted areas are prioritized. This resulted in them having better oversight over their vehicles and drivers.
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